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Gyzel: The subversive life of a drag queen… -(video)

A Performer, dancer and artist living in Paris and performing in France, Canada and Mykonos…

‘Drag’ has become a worldwide phenomenon. The new generation is so lucky. There are millions of videos now on YouTube on how to do everything and what ‘drag’ is about.

Tell us a few words about you!

My Name is Jean – Vincent. I was born in Paris and I grew up in Canada. Throughout my childhood I have been traveling back and forth between Canada and France.

I have started ‘drag’ 16 years ago in Quebec City at Le Drague Cabaret which is the only gay bar in Quebec city and also the biggest gay complex in the province. It was a special night that still exist today call “unefoisc’estassez”. The resident ‘drags’ helped me dressing up and did my make up. What was supposed to be a one time experience turn into a real passion.

On that special night I met 2 ‘drags’ who would eventually become my drag mother and my drag grandmother. I also have 2 drag daughters who I m really proud of. We have a special relationship in our “drag family” and its bound keeps us close no matter what. I m lucky and very happy they chose me as their mother.

In 2004 I moved back to Paris and met my Husband and I have been living in Paris since. Drag is not my main job. I work with my husband in our law office in both Paris and Normandy.

How did you decide to do this job?

As mentioned, it was a one time opportunity that turn into a real passion. At the end of the night Virgin (my drag mother) and Reglisse (My Drag Grandmother) both told me that I had to continue. They could see in me the potential to go further. I guess they were right!

How many years are you coming to Mykonos?

I started coming in Mykonos with my husband in 2007 on holidays. I started working in Jackie O’ in 2010 and I have been a Jackie O’ Girl since. I was lucky enough to do the opening of Jackie O’ Beach back in 2013. It was a very special time to be alone performing in that stunning place.

Who is your favorite role?

Without any doubts: Britney Spears. I have always been a dancer and one of my dancers was a complete fan of Britney and he tough me all the choreographies Britney use to do back in the days. I did throughout my carrier a lot of big production. One of them was a Britney Spears Special where during 2 hours I was alone with my 12 dancers and we did a complete discography of Britney with costumes and choreographies. It was one of my best memories as a drag queen. I have always been lucky enough in 2012 to perform a 2 hours Madonna Tribute show on a very famous place in Quebec City in front of 4000 peoples. It was magical experience and especially because Madonna was coming to perform her MDNA tour in Quebec City the next day. The reviews were amazing and it was for me the most memorable show I have ever did.

How many hours you need to get ready?

I’m someone who is on the “fishy” side of drag. It means I like to look more as a woman than as an extravagant character. I enjoy taking time in front of my mirror. It s one of the few times in a day was I completely disconnect from everything else. Usually it takes me around 2h30 to get completely ready and I enjoy every minutes of the process.

Have you ever been in a difficult situation?

In life, (knock on wood) I have never had any difficult situations. I am lucky to be surrounded by kind peoples who I know will help me in any situations. My family as always is supporting me no matter what I was doing.

Tell us some words that characterize you?

I m a professional SHOWGIRL, kind but don’t mess with me, genuine, sometime obsessive, competitive, stylist for sure, I doubt myself often too much, passionate and reliable.


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